The Mission of Attack Aviation Foundation is to bring awareness to the United States Military Fighter Pilot that he is 3x more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. We additionally call on the United States Military to change their policy, making the PSA blood test mandatory starting at age 40 during routine physicals. Early detection saves lives at all stages of this survivable disease.



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Military regulations do not mandate this simple blood test until the age of 50 for those without a family history of the disease and at the age of 40 for those who do have a family history.

Our Founder, James “Chef” Barlow, a USAF retired A-10 pilot does not have a family history of prostate cancer, and was unaware that a simple PSA blood test could have caught the Stage III prostate cancer he was eventually diagnosed with at age 44. After courageously battling the disease for 2 years, he’s grateful to announce that he is in remission. His mission with Attack Aviation Foundation is to prompt other young pilots to opt in for a simple blood test & catch prostate cancer early.