To thank the wounded warriors who have dedicated their service to calling in Close Air Support by sharing the airborne attack aviation experience and to mold future generations of Attack Pilots and productive Americans.

Attack Aviation Foundation provides wounded warriors who were Joint Terminal Airstrike Controllers (JTACs) the incentive flights in fighter jets that they did not get while on active duty. AAF also provides incentive flights to High School and College students to help them focus their lives on scholastic excellence, varsity athletics, and avoiding drugs, teen pregnancy, and criminal activities that could disqualify them from becoming pilots later in life. Even if they don’t actually become pilots they may make better life decisions through their formative years having a focused goal.

All Contributions are Tax Deductible!

The Attack Aviation Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax deductible charitable organization.  Every dollar donated to AAF is tax deductible.  Also, donations of aircraft, parts, fuel and supplies are accepted.  The values of those items are also tax deductible.  We have a professional accounting firm, Gerety and Associates, that can help you with your gift and ensure you get the maximum return.  What better way to make a charitable donation than to give to those who have given so much for us and our freedom?

In order to raise money to support our Mission, Attack Aviation Foundation has performed flybys for organizations such as ESPN at football games and NASCAR at races.  Please contact us for info about supporting your event.