Dec 21, 2013 - The Attack Aviation Foundation gives wounded warrior, Nicolas Starks, the flight of his life over the skies of Nevada.  Nick demonstrated incredible courage and skill during his time in combat in the Middle East.  Prior to the flight, Nick was right next to our pilot, assisting him in preparing the aircraft for flight.  The two men took off on a beautiful morning and performed various aerobatic maneuvers over the skies just north of Las Vegas.  After the flight, Nick peeled himself from the cockpit and said that he had a whole new respect for what pilots do.  We appreciate the compliment, Nick, but trust us…the respect goes to you!  We at the Attack Aviation Foundation give a heartfelt salute and a big thank you to Nick and his fellow wounded warriors.



June 20, 2012 – Dr. Robert Mazet Donates Saeta jet N3179Z to the Attack Aviation Foundation.  Dr. Bob has based his Saeta at Deer Valley since 1999 but decided the aircraft could better serve our wounded warriors through the Attack Aviation Foundation.  Bob was a previous Air Force Academy graduate and an F-4 pilot in Vietnam.  He gave up flying the F-4 to attend medical school and then come back into the Air Force to serve as a flight surgeon.  Bob Mazet is truly a great and patriotic American who has served his country in the Air Force and will continue to serve his fellow Battlefield Airmen through his generous gift.