What qualifies me for a flight?

Attack Aviation Foundation focuses its flight efforts on ex-military/military personnel who were wounded in action, specifically those who were JTACs and JFOs.  Attack Aviation Foundation also will fly High School and College students who have at least a 3.5 GPA and are involved in Varsity Athletics.


If I’m not a student or wounded warrior can I just pay for the fighter pilot experience?

No, you can not simply buy a flight.  Attack Aviation is a Foundation and not an air carrier.  We do not “hold out” for passenger service. While we encourage donors to sponsor a wounded warrior or deserving High School student’s flight, current FAA restrictions do not allow us to provide that flight for the donor as we can not provide “for pay” passenger service.


How do you determine if I will get a prop or jet flight?

If you are receiving a charity flight it will be based on availability of funds and aircraft.  If you are sponsoring a flight it will be any aircraft you choose at your sponsorship and membership level.


Will I get sick or pass out from the G forces?

Many people are surprised at how smooth these aircraft are in flight.  The missions will be tailor made for your enjoyment.  Some flyers just want to go fast while some want to do graceful formation work and others want a high G workout.  The better you communicate with us the better we can tailor your flight.  There will be physiology training prior to your flight to prepare you for the G-Forces. Keep in mind, this can be a physically demanding flight and temporary G induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC) is possible if you do not properly apply the techniques you’ll learn in our physiology training. Get a good night’s sleep, have your normal breakfast and show up ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life!


Can I take pictures?

Absolutely! You’ll definitely want to bring your camera to show all your friends your “hero pose.”


Can my family and friends come out to the aircraft?

Your family and friends are encouraged to come and share this experience with you.


How do I get to your facility?

Please send us a message on the Contact page and we will be happy to give you detailed directions to our facilities.