T.Mk.5B “Provost” and BAC 167 “STRIKE MASTER”

The Provost taxis for a flight from North Las Vegas Airport.

“Its time to get a new perspective on life!”

The T5B Provost is powered by the Rolls Royce Viper 201 engine generating 2,500 pounds of thrust!  The cockpit is air conditioned and pressurized.  These developments encouraged the RAF to utilize the Jet Provost in a number of different roles besides basic training. With a top speed of 440 mph, excellent maneuverability, mechanical reliability and low operating costs, the Jet Provost was utilized as an aerobatic aircraft, air warfare and tactical weapons training as well as advanced training.



The “Strikemaster” was built by the British Aircraft Corporation as a light attack, Counter-Insurgency (COIN), and Close Air Support jet.  The Strikemaster has seen combat in three different countries’ air forces most notably employing strafe during Troops in Contact supporting SAS troops when their Forward Operating Base was being overrun during the Battle of Mirbat.




Romanian Light Attack Aircraft

Romanian Brasov IAR-823


The Brasov is a phenomenal compilation of both US and Russian design amazingly built in Romania during the Cold War.  It is powered by the same Lycoming I/O-540 piston engine and Hatrzel Propeller that can be found on many high performance and competition aerobatic aircraft across the US.  The avionics are glass panel displays by MGL Avionics from Torrance, CA.  The rugged durability, beefy lines, and go anywhere/do anything capability are signature Russian traits.  This aircraft is surprisingly nimble and capable of 6G aerobatics.